Bactest has partnered with some of the industry’s leading innovators in the field of ballast water testing systems. Through working with these like-minded companies, products covering different spectrums of ballast water testing and monitoring are brought together to work seamlessly, giving the client and authorities the best overall picture of the efficacy of ballast water treatment.

With the ratification of the Ballast Water Management Convention, and its implementation on the 8th of September 2017, the need for reporting on the quality of ballast water is becoming increasingly important. Having the capacity and means to conduct all necessary compliance testing on board the vessel before entering port would mean no down time waiting for test results, faster turn-around while also saving time and money on external laboratory testing. Port authorities would also benefit from using the system through being able to start tests at the point of sample, ensuring sample integrity while saving on manpower and external laboratory costs.

Currently our partners are:

 Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd.
Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) specialises in the design and manufacture of a range of sensors & systems for the oceanographic, maritime, environmental, defence & industrial process control markets. Their portable and ultra-sensitive ballast water compliance monitor, FastBallast, is able to rapidly test phytoplankton concentrations at the D2 (10 to 50 µm) regulatory limit with the same degree of accuracy as shore based analyses, but in any water type and at the time of discharge.
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Turner Designs
Turner designs have been providing easy-to-use fluorometers for the environmental and industrial markets for over 45 years, specialising in the measurement of fluorescent tracers, algal pigments and fluorescent compounds. The Turner BallastCheck 2 handheld fluorometer is able to assess a ballast water sample to the IMO-D2 specification in the 10 µm – 50 µm size range.
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BBE Moldaenke GmbH
As a leading manufacturer of environmental technology, BBE Moldaenke GmbH has been providing spectrofluorometers and real-tie early warning systems for over 20 years.
The 10 Cells algae measuring device is a field-based instruments for the quantification of living cells in ballast water, used to detect phytoplankton in the IMO-D2 specification in the 10 µm – 50 µm size range.
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Utilising a unique sequential sensor technology, the ChlordioX Plus is able to analyse samples without the need to prepare reagents or samples, while not being affected by sample quality in terms of colour or solids. This is very effective when testing for very low concentrations of chemicals, and is utilised in this application to test for chlorine dioxide, chlorite as well as free chlorine. This unit carries USEPA approval for conducting these tests.

Another Palintest piece of equipment available for use with SeaSure in testing for chemical residue in treated ballast water is the Photometer 7500, a dual light source photometer, capable of direct reading of pre-programmed test calibrations. Its on screen prompts are available in multiple languages, and is able to run on mains or AA batteries.

Palintest is also the supplier of the salinity meter utilised within the SeaSure ballast water test kit. The meter is able to store multiple results on-board, and download them to the SeaSure software.
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Providing the fast and quiet chemical capable filter pump as well as the filter manifold and accompanying 100ml sterile filter cups means that processing samples for culture is fast and efficient.
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