SeaSure software is designed to be simple and easy to use, providing a clear and concise audit trail of all testing activities.

On completion of a test using either SeaSure and/or a compatible phytoplankton or chemical tester, results are automatically imported into the software and included in the most recent test result batch as soon as the device is connected to SeaSure’s software.  These results are compared to te IMO-D2 standard for the specific test run, and a result of indicative of compliance or non compliance is given to the user.  Results are individually time and date stamped, and grouped according to particular vessel journey’s in accordance of international maritime reporting standards.  For additional traceability the name of the operator who conducted the test may also be added.

Results are exported into Ballast Log, a write-protected PDF file, which shows the results of all tests conducted for a vessel, with each set of results generated during a particular journey grouped together under that journey. Each journey is displayed on a separate section in the report.

Once generated, the report can be e-mailed to relevant parties, such as Port State authorities, in order to demonstrate compliance with the relevant standard.