Culture Medium: E.coli and coliform selective medium

Escherichia coli and total coliform numbers are often used as a hygiene indicator.

The E.coli and coliform selective medium used in Speedy Breedy SeaSure® is a selective medium able to selectively promote the growth of E.coli and coliforms through suppression of other bacterial types.

The use of the E.coli and coliform selective medium with incubation temperatures of 36°C will facilitate the detection of total coliforms. Increasing incubation temperature to 44°C increases the selectivity of the medium such that only E.coli will be detected, the non-E.coli species of coliforms being unable to tolerate the higher temperature[TR1] . These selective parameters, coupled with an associated colour change upon a positive E.coli detection, ensures highly selective results.

Used with Speedy Breedy®, these pre-populated culture vessels offer an excellent rapid, sensitive and quantitative method for assessing samples for the presence of coliforms or more specifically, E.coli.