How Speedy Breedy Sea Sure Works

How Speedy Breedy SeaSure® works

Samples are added to a Speedy Breedy® culture vessel containing a suitable medium for each test.  If present, contaminating microorganisms will begin to grow. Speedy Breedy® has advanced mixing technology that homogenises the culture conditions for rapid growth of microbes and efficiently converts gaseous changes in the culture medium into pressure variances in the headspace, therefore allowing detection of pressure transients due to metabolic processes where microbes are present, using Bactest’s patented Cytomaia® technology.  These results are communicated to  Speedy Breedy SeaSure’s® software, where they are displayed in Ballast Log.

The results are compared to the IMO-D2 standards with regards to acceptable levels of E.coli, intestinal Enterrococci and toxigenic Vibrio cholerae, and displayed as either conforming to these standards or not.  Ballast Log is capable of combining these microbiological tests with test results from partner devices, such as flourometers for testing conformance to plankton standards, or photometers for conforming to accepted chemical standards, to give an integrated result of the ballast water being tested.