Firmware Updates

Please use the form on the right to download the newest version of the firmware.

Put your name and email address in the relevant fields and a download link will be sent to your email inbox.  

When you have downloaded the file please follow these instructions:

Open the .zip folder (see image below)
Shut down Speedy Breedy and insert the Speedy Breedy SD card into your PC.
Copy the "btsbfmwr.bin" file and paste to your Speedy Breedy SD card. (see images below)

Once you have added the firmware update file to the SD card, put the SD card back into Speedy Breedy.
Turn Speedy Breedy on.
The display will show the following message: “Speedy Breedy booting…” followed by “Firmware update file found!”. Press the tick button to proceed.
The display will read “Try to update? >install”. Press the tick button to proceed.
The display will read “Updating system….” followed by “Update completed.”
Remove the update file from the SD card via your PC and put the SD card back into Speedy Breedy. Once the SD card has been replaced press the tick button.
Speedy Breedy will now reboot. After the reboot has completed Speedy Breedy can be used as normal.

Note: If you have not removed the update file from the SD card before rebooting, please turn Speedy Breedy off, remove the file and replace the SD card and turn it back on again. It is not recommended that the update file remains on the SD card, as there is a risk that it can corrupt other files on the SD-card.

Please contact technical support at +44(0)1223 42 2313 or if you have any problems.